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POVERTY MYTH BUSTING. How many times have you heard people refer to those who are unemployed, or low income, or just those possibly booking in for a free program or a community meal as “lacking in education” or “lacking in literacy and numeracy” or “lacking in cooking skills” … etc etc ….? You’ve probably heard it all before right, just like our members too. We are sick of the stereo typing, as we find, actually it’s just not accurate.

Write your story and have it added here. Tell us your experience with being low income – everything that’s great in your world and how you make everything work – somehow, just ! Or share your testimonials about what it’s really like being on a minimum wage, low income, centrelink, over financially committed, dealing with job agencies, dealing with a robo debt – and or everything in between.

Send your article to – you can choose whether you want to attach your name (and or any other details such as contact details, facebook links etc – if promoting something, or another support group) – or write anonymously. Be brave ! Get your story out there, you never know just who that might affect and what kind of a butterfly affect you could have on the world.